Iron Sight® is the first developing title of Wiple Games that will create a new trend of dramatic FPS with intense and realistic gameplay.







Project : Ironsight®

    Next-gen military first person shooter.





Key features

Realistic and fierce battlefields & environment with near future weapon system.


Iron Sight® is an online military FPS based on the battle over natural resources between armed forces and Private Military Company(PMC) equipped with cutting-edge weapon and drone system in year 2025. Battle between these two forces takes place in various worldwide landmarks and players will experience various weather conditions, change in surroundings. Over 100 different types of original weapons with customizable parts and decals. We pursuit realistic and intense FPS gameplay not only through combat using various primary & secondary weapons but also with near future tactical weapons and skills.


Powerful & rich contents and advance in technology : THE DRONES


The appearance and use of drones not only provides additional excitement to the gameplay but support each team and individual in various ways throughout the battle depending on many different combat situations. Attacking drones provide direct yet powerful firepower and tactical drones provide strategic information for effective strategic team play. There are a lot more drones being tested and developed apart from the drones available now to for more diverse and excitement gameplay.



Dynamic in-game interaction


We implemented number of special moves addition to basic FPS movement patterns like walk, run, and jump for advanced movement maneuvers. On top of that, many placed objects within the battlefields can be blown up or destroyed to provide realistic and intense battlefield experience to players. Also, for the first time in Online FPS, Iron Sight® will provide dynamic environment interaction like device interaction to activate specific landmark or ride object as a transportation to move to another location or destroying it to cut off the route etc.
These dynamic factors can be a game changer therefore we consider all possible tactical & strategic before we plan, develop and apply them to the environment.


Object Interaction

World View

Conflict in the Middle East and involvement of PMC


As the democratization in the Middle East progressed, West friendly government was established and eventually the resources of the Middle East was dominated by the power of West. Due to the establishment and the domination, a great power was established from the East to oppose the government of the West. To oppose the West, East establishes the company called EDEN(Energy Development Enterprise Network) to secure the remaining resources of the world and hiring private military group PMC to protect their facilities. Threaten by such act, West hires the PMC as well to protect their facilities in Middle East.
Involvement of the PMC was to protect, defend the facilities but instead, this became the source of the tension between the West and EDEN in the Middle East.






North America and West Europe agree to join forces and establish federal country called NAF(North Atlantic Federation). With strong nationalism, NAF pushes numerous strong policies to rebuild and revive the nation. NAF forcefully pushing ahead to take over the territory EDEN rebuilt and their facilities, but NAF was faced by the PMC hired by EDEN.
In year 2025, armed conflicts between NAF and EDEN struggling to secure the resources are spread worldwide, and heavily armed & supplied PMC battled every corner of the world.
Join the world of Iron Sight® and lead your team of your choice to victory.