Introducing Iron Engine™


Iron Engine™ is the proprietary game engine developed by Wiple Games. It is compact but optimized for online game development and service of Iron Sight®.

Iron Engine™ not only provides high quality rendering, it also provides wide range of compatibility in various hardware specifications for online game.









IRON Engine™

   Wiple’s technology towards quality games.







Iron Engine™ uses Windows DirectX 9 Graphic API, supporting from Shader 2.0 which allows games to run smoothly with outdated graphic hardware. Using Light Pre-Pass technology, you can use as many dynamic lighting as possible in any scene and materialize rich Light Rendering using Gamma Correction Lighting and HDR Rendering.



Special Effect
Special Effect

Post Processing


Drastically increase the quality of the scene by using Post Processing effect: Depth of Field, Ambient Occlusion, Tone Mapping, HDR bloom, HDR Lens Flare, Color Gladding, Exponential Height Fog, Anti-aliasing etc.


Special Effect



Minimize the rendering overhead using the least graphic assets seeing through the camera using Octree Scene management, Frustum Culling, SSE Software Occlusion Culling, LOD function. Reduce the loading time using multi-thread background loading technology and minimize the memory usage with Vertex Compression.


SSE Software Occlusion Culling



Editor is developed to meet the most crucial element of FPS level design: Easy production and fast feedback. Our map editor provides real-time map editing where any changes made to the map are shown directly within the game with simple reload which allows level designers to test their modification right away to shorten entire development process and time consumption.





Scenes in the world are synchronized with physical engine to maximize the shooting feeling and simulation. Realistic and natural character movements using combination of character ragdoll and animation, and through active animation and blending. Objects within the game react to each other and also interact with background objects to provide realistic gaming environment. Iron Sight® uses NVIDIA PhysX for outstanding physics.





Particle effects like flame, blast, smoke, dust, beam and many more can be used at low cost. Maximize the scene of realism by using technology like Trail, Soft particle, Mesh particle etc. These can be easily created using the tool and can be synchronized and can be used with all game objects.





Uses high-end middleware like NVIDIA PhysX, Autodesk Scaleform and Firelight FMOD etc.