Put value on iterative and progressive development.


We take the word from users very seriously. In the development process, we constantly and regularly take in inquiries and requests from users, sort them by category, discuss internally, and iteratively improve to finalize the product. Even though our goal is to finalize the product with optimum time and costs, we try to accomplish this even with multiple review of the product at each development stage to see if we are going on a right track.


Advantage of iterative and progressive development is that with the same cost and time, since the development progress is shown, errors can be found easily and can quickly be fixed.



We prefer to run a test at the every stage of the game, unlike any other games.


Instead of running the test after the game is completely developed, each team run their own test at their own development stage.


By doing so, feedback from the testers can be quickly acknowledged therefore fix can be prepared faster as well as test results and gather necessary information will be faster on pre-developed contents.






Success is built upon

    the shared dedication of great people with respect and teamwork.



Self-diagnosis and check-up.


Developer themselves run a self-diagnosis and checkup on the contents they develop and exchange feedback to find the problems and address the issues so that the direction of the game can be delivered to the players as intended. We believe if our game can be enjoyed by ourselves, players will too.