Tso Host SSL Full Review

Really not happy with that move as I have a lot of US customers who were affected however, I think that was a one off issue. Used to be great (2015) – now they are really struggling to correct the most basic of technical issues. Very expensive for what they offer. I think they may have outsourced their tech support to eastern Europe. Not the same any more. Disappointed.The customer service to date has been excellent. I have no reservations about recommending TSOHost I cannot rate TSO highly enough. The support I have received at every touchpoint has been exceptional. They listen to what you are saying and respond in a language that is right for you (I needed low level, clear and simple!). Every single person has been excellent but a special shout out goes to Athanus. If ever I build a website again I will definitely use TSO and I would recommend them to all of my clients. This may seem slightly OTT, it isn’t, I am currently dealing with Dropbox ‘support’ and the disparity is stark!


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