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They will not accept that they are at fault in anyway. I tried to get a refund for a part year and they refused. I had only recently renewed and things got unworkable and I tried to get out and I couldn’t.I need to desperately,but moving 30 odd sites to an unknown new home is a daunting task. Used to be great (2015) – now they are really struggling to correct the most basic of technical issues. Very expensive for what they offer. I think they may have outsourced their tech support to eastern Europe. Not the same any more. Disappointed.The customer service to date has been excellent. I have no reservations about recommending TSOHost I use TsoHost for my domains as well as my web hosting. Unfortunately I don’t use them for servers as they are pretty expensive compared to their competitors. However I would recommend them with top marks as I’ve never had a single problem with them. Their support is top class, I get responses within the hour most of the time and all my queries are solved with no hassle at all. I have just had a great experience with the support team at Tsohost. They helped me from migrating from a reseller account with three websites over to a much cheaper cloud account with ease, very responsive and super helpful. Well chuffed!


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