TsoHost UK Cloud Hosting Review 2017

I use C-panel hosting with them and host multiple sites on the same package via addon domains.TSOHOST’s support is great, any issue i have had they’ve responded within the hour(even over night)and requests or problems are actioned pretty much instantly. Fast forward to 2017, and the story is very different. Since August 2016 Tsohost have had a chaotic support team who don’t understand basic technical issues. Last week, we experienced downtime of over 6 hours in one day (it would have been even longer if I hadn’t told them about the issue). The quality of support is now amongst the worst I have experienced (this is our third hosting company). We’re looking for a new hosting company that takes us seriously and who has UK-based engineers who understand web server technology basics. I used to host my websites with 5quithost and then their reseller sister site, tentahost. At this time, the support was absolutely excellent, with email responses to my queries being sent within a maximum of an hour, sometimes only 15/20 minutes – even when emailing queries at the weekends or in the middle of the night!


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